Sublative Scarring

The Sublative Laser uses bipolar radio-frequency technology to safely and effectively treat texture, scarring and mild wrinkles.    It is excellent for acne scarring and can minimize the appearance of pores while stimulating collagen.   There is minimal downtime (2-3 days) and is effective on ALL SKIN TYPES.   It is non-ablative, therefore is less than aggressive than lasers and has less down time. The treatment focuses on the dermal layer of the skin and penetrates deeper than creams or peels while addressing your skin’s overall texture and tone.


*You can expect results within 1 week and the effect can last several months. Please note that deep scars will never be gone completely – but the sublative can minimize its appearance by stimulating collagen in the scar tissue.

* PRECAUTIONS: 7 days BEFORE & AFTER your laser treatment – you must limit sun-exposure and stop use of any topical chemicals (e.g. Retin-A, tretinoin, Vit C serums, hydroquinone, etc….)

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