Aesthetics Hawaii - introducing the newest FDA approved Botox - DAXXIFY® (Lasts twice as long - up to 6-9 months!)


Aesthetics Hawaii and Dr David Yew are honored to be the first provider in Hawaii to offer the latest FDA approved Botox brand – called DAXXIFY®.   This game changing formulation made by Revance Therapeutics is clinically proven to last at least 2 months longer than the other Botox brands.  While the other brands (Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, Jeuveau®) all last 3-4 months – Daxxify® lasts on average 6 months with some patients reporting 9 months duration!   The clinical studies (SAKURA Trial) is the largest clinical trial to date that compares duration and efficacy.   Dr Yew and his staff have received Daxxify and noticed it also works faster (within 1-2 days instead of 3-7 days).  If you have tried any of the other brands of Botox – this will be administered in exactly the same way – the only difference will be that you will not need to come back as often.   For patients who do not like needle injections or have busy schedules – this may be the treatment for you.

Dr Yew and his experienced providers have over 40+ years of combined years of experience performing injectables.   Given the explosion of new injectors – it’s important to ask your provider how long they have been injecting and checking their credentials.   Mastering the “art of injectables” takes time.   Just as people are selective and loyal with hair stylists – it’s the same with facial aesthetics.  Taking time to educate, delivering outstanding results while making the patient experience comfortable is what separates great providers from new injectors.


Choosing the right injector is very important as there is an art to doing this so that it looks natural.  “Less is more” as experienced injectors can achieve better results with less product.   When going to “quick” providers who inject in less than 30 minutes – product may be wasted as they over-inject and the results can be undesirable with pain, swelling, bruising and bumps.   Avoid the “Supercuts of the Face” and go to an experienced provider who takes their time and gives you only what you need.

Schedule a complimentary consultation at our Ala Moana office (located in the heart of Honolulu on Oahu) and see if Daxxify® is right for you!

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(Credentials – Dr David Yew (originally from New York City – Board Certified physician from Columbia University and Ass. Clinical Professor in the Dept of Surgery at John A. Burns School of Medicine.  His services as an aesthetic concierge doctor are requested worldwide for private sessions – Dubai, Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Tel Aviv, London, Australia/New Zealand, Thailand, New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego)

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