Aesthetics Hawaii is the first practice in Honolulu to use the newest FDA approved filler - RESTYLANE CONTOUR


Aesthetics Hawaii and Dr David Yew are honored to be the first provider in Hawaii to offer the latest FDA approved filler (June 2021) for cheek augmentation and correction of mid-face contour deficiencies.  Touted as a “game changer” and an upgrade to older fillers such as Juvederm Voluma or Radiesse – this new hyaluronic acid filler is specifically formulated to give volume and definition to the cheeks.  Restylane Contour® is Galderma’s first product which incorporates their proprietary XpresHAn Technology™ for the cheeks.  This unique formulation allows the hyaluronic acid gel to be integrated into the treatment area and allow natural expression and motion.  In clinical studies conducted by Galderma, 98% of patients who were injected with Restylane Contour were happy with their results at 1 year.

Dr Yew and his experienced staff have performed thousands of filler injections over 15 years and have mastered the “art of injectables” with minimal discomfort and downtime. Every patient receives topical and/or local anesthesia (dental block) followed by a unique protocol using an infra-red vein finder to avoid bruising as well as ice and breathing exercises that result in the most comfortable experience possible.

Choosing the right injector is very important as there is an art to doing this so that it looks natural.  “Less is more” as experienced injectors can achieve better results with less product.   When going to “quick” providers who inject in less than 30 minutes – product is often wasted and the results can be undesirable with pain, swelling, bruising and bumps.   Avoid the “Supercuts of the Face” and go to an experienced provider who takes their time and gives you only what you need.

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