Latisse® is the only FDA-approved prescription treatment for short or thin lashes. Easy to apply and results will be visible within 4-8 weeks. A brief evaluation form must be filled out to see if Latisse can be given.

Cost: $185 (2 month supply)

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About Latisse®

Latisse® is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis (thin lashes) and will grow them longer, thicker and darker. Originally used as a treatment for glaucoma, patients noticed the beneficial effect of longer and thicker lashes.

A brief medical form is filled out to make sure you are able to use Latisse®. Our friendly staff will show you how to use Latisse and optimize your results. Come to any of our offices on Oahu (Ala Moana and Aiea) for more information.

Latisse® is applied topically to the upper eyelid. Use only once a day. Side effects are minimal but can develop itchy, red eyes if used in excess.

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