Aesthetics Hawaii is the Most Recognized Practice to Treat TMJ Headaches With Botox

Dr David Yew is one of the foremost experts in the U.S. and South Korea for treating TMJ (temporomandibular) disorder with Botox. Over 12 years ago – Dr Yew suffered from severe TMJ headaches with grinding (bruxism) and clenching that caused intractable pain and severe tooth erosion and damage. Out of necessity – he researched the leading TMD experts and developed a unique protocol using botox to help patients with similar symptoms. With botox services – Dr Yew has helped patients from all over the world become headache free and protect their teeth. Patients from the mainland US and international countries (Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, China, Dubai) fly in to Honolulu to receive treatments with great success.

After extensive research and training with the world’s leading TMJ specialists – Dr Yew uses advanced techniques to safely inject botox (or Dysport, Xeomin, Jeuveau) to relieve clenching in the masseter muscles while reducing tension headaches in the temporalis muscles and forehead (glabellar and frontalis muscles) Effects are usually seen within 1-2 weeks and last up to 6 months. With repeated treatments – the amount of botox is gradually decreased and the duration of treatments gets longer because of the reduction in the size of the muscles. Treatments are affordable and range between $500-$800 per session.

A side benefit of properly injecting botox into the masseter muscles is the jaw slimming effect. Known also as “V-line” jaw contouring – it is highly effective in making the appearance of the jawline more youthful and defined.

As people age – the masseter muscles become enlarged and create a “square jaw” appearance. So, facial botox has the dual benefit of not only relieving symptoms of TMJ pain and improving quality of life – but also creating a slimmer and more attractive profile. It’s a win-win and one of the most popular treatments in our practice.   See attached photo where this patient received 2 treatments 6 months apart. (She is the same weight in all 3 photos.)

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