Brought to you by Allergan (the makers of Botox and Juvederm), Latisse, also known as bimatoprost, is the only product scientifically proven and approved by the FDA to stimulate longer and thicker eyelash growth. Latisse is a topical product available only by prescription. Latisse was discovered to stimulate eyelash growth in patients who used Lumigan, a prescription eye drop for glaucoma.

Latisse works to naturally stimulate growth until they have reached the desired length. Additionally, Latisse has also been shown to stimulate eyebrow growth in some patients. Significant eyelash growth is seen usually within 4-8 weeks. However, it can take up to 3 months for certain patients. Once lashes have reached their desired length, minimize applications to 2-3 times weekly, as this is needed to maintain results. If application is discontinued, the eyelashes will revert to their normal shedding process and return to their pretreatment condition within 2-4 weeks.


When used as directed, Latisse has been clinically proven to be safe and have no serious side effects. Typical side effects reported were minor, such as temporary redness of the eye or eyelids. When used in the eye for glaucoma daily, darkening of the skin under the eyes or the irises have been reported. Be sure to read the package insert for more details.

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Posted on1/28/20in News

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