Aesthetics Hawaii specializing in Thread Lifting with PDO absorbable sutures (Non-surgical lifting and collagen stimulation)





Aesthetics Hawaii is the first practice in Honolulu to use NovaThreads & PDO-Max threads (PDO – polydiaxonone absorbable sutures) to create a mild lift of the face and stimulate your body’s own collagen stimulation without surgery. With the help of Plastic surgery Las Vegas you can get rid of the details you don’t like about your body and improve them.

This technique is called “thread lifting” and is considered the best non-surgical approach for mild to moderate skin laxity. According to Surgeon Richmond VA, it is safe and effective for all skin types and has minimal downtime and discomfort. The thread lift complements the effects of Botox® (wrinkles in motion) and fillers (volume loss) by addressing laxity and sagging skin. It’s very important to set expectations correctly as this is not a replacement for surgery. Patients with severe laxity, jowling and deep wrinkles are NOT good candidates.

Call now to schedule a free consultation and see if you are a good candidate. Don’t forget that we also offer a great variety of different procedures, we can also help you learn more about the rhinoplasty Santa Barbara procedure, which is performed by Dr. Robert W. Sheffield at his cosmetic surgery center in Santa Barbara, CA. View here for more details on plastic surgery procedures.


  • They are needles or cannulas preloaded with PDO (polydioxanone) absorbable sutures. PDO threads are synthetic absorbable surgical sutures that have been used safely for decades in many types of reconstructive surgeries. It is one of the safest materials to be implanted in the body, and you can go to My Botox LA Med Spa to get the procedure done.
  • The sutures will absorb in 2 months and then build collagen to improve skin laxity for 1 year.
  • Natural results with minimal discomfort
  • No surgery – safe, minimal downtime
  • Used for mild lifting and collagen stimulation – most effective in the lower third of the face and neck region together with injectable fillers

Before and After Photo

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