Glacial Rx in Honolulu

Soothe Your Way To Spotless Skin

Soothe Your Way To Spotless Skin


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Glacial Rx is the first FDA cleared cooling technology to freeze melanin at the source to effectively remove sunspots, rosacea and melasma.  Patients of any age and skin types (Fitzpatrick I-VI) are good candidates.   There is NO RISK of PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) which is a concern with other technologies (Lasers, IPL, Photofacials) in darker skin types.


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Treatment Process

The treatment uses Cryomodulation™ to harnesses the power of cold to suppress the production of melanin – which is the root cause of age spots and sun spots. In addition, the cooling process reduces redness and inflammation (rosacea) while revealing brighter and more radiant skin. During the procedure, no topical numbing or anesthesia is required.  The entire treatment takes less than an hour.   There is NO DOWNTIME and you can immediately return to work and regular activities.


You can expect your age spots to show noticeable fading one month after treatment.  Repeat treatments may be necessary to erase the age spots for especially dark spots or large treatment areas.  Glacial™ Rx slows melanin production for an extended period, so age spots will be slow to return.

How It Feels

Patients say Glacial Rx is relaxing with no downtime. The treatment takes about 45 minutes and may run a bit longer depending on the quantity of age spots being addressed.

Glacial Rx FAQs

Appearance of results is typically observed within 1 month or less. Evidence suggests melanin production slows for an extended period. Durability of result will be aided by reducing sun-exposure and an ongoing skin care routine.

No downtime.  Safe with minimal side effects which resolved within 24 hrs.

Patients can see results in a single treatment depending on dose. More than one treatment may be needed if spots are especially dark or there are larger areas of spots to treat. Ultimately, the number of treatments can vary patient to patient. Best results are realized when Glacial Rx is integrated into an ongoing skin care routine.

Because the treatment is customized for every patient, the cost will vary. The best way to determine the cost is to come in for a consultation.

Glacial Rx Near Me | Honolulu

As the first certified Glacial Rx provider in Honolulu, Aesthetics Hawaii is the most experienced practice for this novel technology.  Contact the office today by calling 808-633-8585 or filling out the online form below.


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